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  • Decorating a piece of cake in Baraboo

    Those interested in learning the basics of cake decorating should consider registering for a class on the subject this evening. Being instructed by Chef Susan Holding, it will take place in a fun and friendly atmosphere with hands-on learning.

  • Gala to take guests back 60 years

    Taking place this weekend, the 4th Annual CCS Gala for Education is working on the theme Fabulous 50s and invites people to come out and enjoy an evening of great food, fantastic fun, and participation in a number of auction items.

  • Bird day wings its way to Baraboo

    Bird Watching 101 Bird Songs is an introductory class to teach people about the various birds singing and calling at their feeders and in the woods. At this event, people will learn all about the feathered friends that spend winter in their area. No doubt a range of printing services have been used to spread the word about this nature event to people in the community and around the region.

  • Christmas sounds of the Carpenters to hit Baraboo

    A Carpenters Christmas is a musical tribute to the 1970s pop group The Carpenters and affords guests the opportunity to enjoy the music created by them again over the holiday season.

  • Merry month ahead with Baraboo festive fair

    The Very Merry Holiday Fair offers two days of preholiday shopping next month, featuring a number of exciting giveaways. No doubt the organizers have used methods like poster printing and flyer printing to promote this shopping opportunity to people in the area.

  • Day of fun for all ages offered this weekend

    In a few days time, the Fair on the Square will provide residents with the opportunity to share some family fun and live entertainment in Baraboos infamous square. Poster printing and flyer printing might have been used to advertise the festivities to people in this community, as well as people in the surrounding regions.

  • Autumn festival to be filled with family activities

    The upcoming Wo-Zha-Wa Days Fall Festival is a great family event that will feature a large number of activities, entertainment options, and vendors. Offering something for everyone, it is likely that a range of printing services will be used to advertise and promote it in the run-up to its launch.

  • Art event to paint a pretty picture in Baraboo

    The Summer Art Classic in Baraboo is a premier art event that happens each year and features the fine art of many of Wisconsins artists.

  • Baraboo set for celebration

    The Baraboo Circus Celebration is held annually to honor Baraboos rich circus background, which has been instrumental in helping to define this community.

  • Baraboo gets a taste of brew

    The Brew Ha Ha Beer Tasting is about to be put on by various businesses located in Baraboos Downtown core and features some of Wisconsins favorite breweries.